CE&G provided a geotechnical/soils investigation and repair design services for stabilization of a landslide that occurred along the eastern bank of Stevens Creek. The landslide occurred during the heavy rain season of early-2017 and caused the temporary closure of the asphalt-paved bicycle and pedestrian trail between El Camino Real and Yuba Drive in Mountain View, California.

The geotechnical investigation consisted of detailed geologic mapping of the near-vertical 35-ft tall landslide and exploration using truck-mounted and portal drill rigs with drive samplers. The affected area extended approximately 170 feet along the eastern creek bank. The failure continued to retrogress eastward toward the adjacent recreational path until a temporary soil nail retaining wall designed by CE&G was constructed in Fall 2017. Based on the design parameters developed through the geotechnical /soils investigation CE&G prepared a geotechnical design report. The recommended stabilization measures included soil nails to stabilize the landslide scarp while a reinforced soil embankment was constructed to re-establish the creek bank. CE&G completed the soil nail and reinforced embankment design and prepared the geotechnical construction aspects of the project plans and specifications and provided geotechnical observation services during construction.