Geospatial and GIS Consulting

CE&G’s GIS services rely on cutting-edge technology, research, and innovation to provide our clients with an all-inclusive solution for spatial data management. Our methods for transforming raw data into a deliverable product (3D data visualizations) help present meaningful information in a useful way, improve the understanding of geospatial relations, aid in correct decision-making, and help to maintain organized records.

CE&G integrates GIS, CAD, a variety of programming languages, and our Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) services to produce general reference, topographical, cadastral, and thematic maps. Visualizations are developed to facilitate 3D thinking for clients and decision-makers.

CE&Gis, our in-house GIS dashboard/platform, enables our staff to make GIS accessible to everyone without the need for specialized software or a GIS specialist. It can be used as a desktop study tool, an asset management tool, a place to create reconnaissance maps, and as client portals to access site specific information, data, computations, plans, reports, and other deliverables.