Forensic Engineering

CE&G provides comprehensive investigations of structures and properties damaged by landslides, expansive soils, fill settlement, earthquakes, wind, storm damage, adverse drainage conditions, flooding from pipe leaks, moisture vapor intrusion, and construction-induced vibrations.

Routine Tasks:

  • Causation evaluation of distressed structures
  • Engineering assessments for catastrophe damage teams
  • Construction repair cost estimating
  • Repair design for buildings, foundations, landslides, and retaining walls
  • Permit acquisition
  • Construction management for repairs
  • Litigation support and expert witness services
  • Neutral expert review, design, and estimating
  • Residential and commercial building distress evaluation and repair design
  • Earthquake damage assessments

Depending on the nature of the project, CE&G can provide site reconnaissance observations and photo-documentation, floor level surveys, field mapping, historical aerial photo analyses, subsurface exploration, laboratory testing, site instrumentation and monitoring, plans and specifications for repairs to damaged properties, construction observations, and special inspection and testing.