Public Works Inspection

CE&G provides certified inspectors and technicians to support the construction of a wide variety of infrastructure projects.

Our clients are cities, counties, flood control districts, water, and wastewater agencies, and various other special districts. We work directly for these owners or as subconsultants to the owners’ construction management team.  Testing services can be provided for either quality assurance or quality control purposes depending on the project. We can also serve in the role as Owner Advocate in providing independent CM and consultation support services.

Safety training compliance includes ISNet, Trenching, Confined Space, HAZWOPER, SPRAT, Radiation Safety, DOT Hazmat, and Excavation Safety.

Project types include:

  • Roads and Bridges
  • Storm Drains and Culverts
  • Dams and Levees Pipelines
  • Treatment & Plumping Plants
  • Flood Control Facilities
  • Creeks and Wetlands
  • Parks and Trails

Specialized capabilities for recent projects:

  • Digitized DFRs and Web-based Portals for DCS and Asset Management
  • UAS Surveys and LiDAR Scans for 4-D Condition Documentation, Claims Management, and As-Builts
  • Road Scans of Pavement Conditions Along Truck Haul Routes
  • Construction Vibration Monitoring
  • Ground Improvement Control & Testing
  • FDR Mix Design Review
  • SWPPP Review
  • Advanced Photogrammetric-based Diagnostics for Sizing RSP Stockpiles
  • Calculations of Grading Volumes (Cut & Fill)