CE&G is providing analysis and design for the repair and upgrading of an approximately 2,000-ft long seawall rock revetment along the Pacific Ocean in Santa Cruz County. The project considers projected sea-level rise and is intended to improve and cause more consistent beach nourishment and provide long-term improved protection of the existing beachfront residences. The work is being performed for the Pajaro Dunes Geologic Hazard Abatement District (PDGHAD), an independent public agency that serves dozens of property owners along this stretch of beach. CE&G’s work includes: a review of the historic performance of the seawall; monitoring of sand loss through change detection studies; development of design plans, specifications, and estimates for public bidding and construction of the improvements; coordination with PDGHAD management and constituents; and coordination and providing support documentation to various permitting agencies, most notably Santa Cruz County and the Coastal Commission. Significant challenges include oceanfront construction controlled by access and tidal concerns, reliability of sea-level rise projections, construction funding limitations from PDGHAD, monitoring of a site subject to ongoing coastal processes, and concurrence from the Coastal Commission. Monitoring of the processes has been ongoing and is being accomplished using CE&G in-house UAS services to develop geo-referenced and time-referenced photogrammetrically derived models of the site. The project plans are currently under initial review by the County and Coastal Commission. Construction is planned for 2022.