CE&G uses UAS technology as a highly specialized tool to acquire data for a multitude of sites and applications. As Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensed pilots, we are able to conduct commercial flights for a wide range of applications while adhering to federal, state, and local law. Our pilots are more than just flight operators; as degreed engineers and geologists, they pay additional attention to site conditions and the eventual end use of the data, which results in more robust flight planning and execution.

CE&G specializes in plan, terrain-tracking, and vertically-gridded flights to capture ALL the data necessary to perform analysis and design. We offer a broad range of services from rock outcrop modeling and rockfall hazard analysis, to spillway inspections and pavement distress mapping using a suite of advanced software. All of our deliverable products are available through our Point Cloud Viewer and CAD/GIS formats. No matter the site, we have a solution.