SERVICE: Testing Laboratory

CE&G's clients can expect consistent and reliable results. Our Hayward facility is home to our AASHTO-accredited soils and materials testing laboratory. Testing is supervised by licensed engineers who fully understand the complexities of design and the challenges of the construction process. We will ensure that our client’s quality assurance and quality control goals are met.

Clients with existing samples may drop them off at any CE&G office.

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Concrete and Soils Laboratory Tests:

  • Concrete Compressive Strength Testing
  • Moisture Content ASTM D 2216
  • Moisture & Density ASTM D 2216
  • Atterberg Limits ASTM D4318 dry method
  • Atterberg Limits ASTM D 4318 wet method
  • Compaction Curve, 4” mold ASTM D 1557
  • Compaction Curve, 6” mold ASTM D 1557
  • Wash Over #200 Sieve ASTM D 422
  • Sieve Analysis with #200 Wash ASTM D 422
  • Sieve & Hydrometer ASTM D 422
  • Strength Test
  • Permeability Test
  • Corrosivity Test

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