SERVICE: Remote Sensing

Understanding that quality data is paramount to the reliability of our work, CE&G implements innovative and evolving technologies to collect information and provide detailed analysis of remote locations that may be otherwise inaccessible. Our professionals utilize the latest Pix4D, Autocad, and ArcGIS software along with a wide variety of analytical, modeling, and design computer programs and rely on a vast library of technical publications, maps, and historical aerial photographs.

Our in-house Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) program is focused on geotechnical applications and use. CE&G's certified pilots are more than just flight operators; as degreed engineers and geologists, they pay additional attention to site conditions and the eventual end use of the data, which results in more pragmatic and effective flight planning and execution.

Kami Court
San Ramon, CA

Chain of Lakes Wellhouse
Livermore, CA

Marin Municipal Water District Spillway Assessment
Santa Clara County, CA

Pragmatic ExpertiseTM In:

  • Dam spillway/infrastructure inspections
  • Topographic/pavement distress mapping
  • Rock outcrop/structure modeling
  • Change detection studies and monitoring
  • Rock hazard analysis
  • Access road condition assessments

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