SERVICE: Peer Review

CE&G brings invaluable geotechnical engineering and geologic expertise to the process of reviewing peer's documents involved in the development of a project.

CE&G's philosophy is to protect public safety first and to collaborate with applicants and their consultants to improve the overall quality of each project. Our peer reviews are conducted in general conformance with the “Peer Review Guidelines” published by the California Geotechnical Engineers Association (CalGeo). These procedures have allowed CE&G to repeatedly work cooperatively with applicants’ consultants to come to a technical agreement about project details and requirements.

Faria Preserve Department
San Ramon, CA

Moraga Country Club Expansion
Moraga, CA

Blackhawk Executive Center
Danville, CA

Pragmatic ExpertiseTM In:

  • Planning ordinance review
  • Geotechnical reports and studies
  • Grading ordinance development
  • Field reconnaissance
  • Meetings with city or county permitting staff

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