Unlike many geotechnical firms, Cal Engineering & Geology offers full design capabilities including preparation of ready-for-public bidding plans, specifications, and estimates for projects relating to geo/civil structures such as earth retaining systems, pavements, bridges, and storm drain improvements.

Since its founding, Cal Engineering & Geology has been designing earth retention systems throughout California for a wide variety of clients. In the beginning, CE&G’s design capability was limited primarily to mechanically stabilized earth walls and slopes. Over the past 25 years, our capabilities have expanded to meet our clients’ needs. As a result, CE&G now designs virtually all types of earth retention systems currently used as well as hybrid earth retention systems designed to maximize advantages of different retention systems in a single design.

Our design accomplishments include: mechanically stabilized 1:1 (horizontal:vertical) slopes up to 100 feet tall, mechanically stabilized earth walls up to 46 feet tall, soil nail retaining walls up to 40 feet tall, tieback retaining walls up to 40 feet tall, masonry retaining walls up to 12 feet tall, and poured in place concrete walls up to 20 feet tall, and sheet pile walls.

In addition to designing new improvements, CE&G professionals have extensive experience as expert witnesses in wall failure evaluations. In several cases, we were able to draw upon our collective earth retention knowledge to propose repairs which were less costly than complete reconstruction and which facilitated reaching a settlement. In most of those cases, CE&G was retained to design the approved repair.